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Wav to MP3 Files-Endless Amounts of Music Storage

Wav to MP3 is what mp3s are all about. Wav music files, as they come from standard CDs, occupy too much space. To solve your out-of-space problem, just convert the wav to mp3.

Quality comes at a premium, especially when you consider that most of the time you'd rather trade a small loss of quality for the possibility of carrying all your albums around with you all the time, or the possibility to keep your entire record/CD collection in your PC without spending a fortune in hard disk space. Well you can do just that by converting the wav to mp3.

By encoding your music files into mp3 format, the mp3 converter software will compress wav to mp3 by discarding small imperceptible frequencies, and will return a much smaller music file with near perfect quality.

You will not need to upgrade your hard disks to make space for more music, just convert from wav to mp3, and you will find a whole lot of space just waiting for you. And what's more: it will cost you NOTHING.

Free MP3 Hosting-Make yourself be heard all around the world
ree MP3 Hosting Sites bring a whole new audience to your music. Whether you are a solo artist doing everything by yourself, or a professional music band seeking recognition.

Free MP3 Player Download-Getting the best player to your mp3s
A Free MP3 Player Download is all it takes to get you into the mp3 universe. With so much free mp3 music out there, there is no reason for you not to listen to it.

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