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Top 10 MP3 Players-Find the best of the best

Top 10 MP3 Players are a status many mp3 brands and models want to belong to. But to be in the restricted group of top 10 mp3 players, you have to face fierce competition and even the tiniest flaw will not be tolerated.

With hundreds of mp3 players out there and new mp3 players popping up every day it is a tough job to select the top 10 mp3 players. But by carefully comparing every mp3 player, it's something than can be done and should be done, by you.

You can start by removing all the mp3 players you cannot buy and all those that have no mp3 accessories you would like. Then, remove all those mp3 players that are too heavy or too big (or too ugly); followed by the ones that lack features you cannot live without.

Price is also a major factor, so, get rid of all mp3 devices out of your price range. By keeping up this simple process you will soon be able to have a list of the top 10 mp3 players you're likely to buy.

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