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Sony MP3 Players-The right media player for your music

Sony MP3 Players the brand that created the walkman, keep up the tradition of portable music everywhere. Spanning across a whole range of media, Sony mp3 players are sure to offer you with the right model for the right task.

From portable hard disk mp3 players, to cd mp3 players, you will have a hard time not to find a sony mp3 player suitable for you. Whether you prefer the light-weight models, the heavy-weight models, or anything in between Sony will not let you down.

True to their tradition, older devices have been updated with mp3 technology support: you can choose one of the MiniDisc devices that now support Mp3, or a portable cd player that can read mp3 files from regular CDs besides reading normal music CDs.

 (And no, there are no plans for any tape-based mp3 walkman). The hard part is for you to make a decision about which sony mp3 player to choose; but I believe you will make the right choice.

Portable Cd MP3 Player-Keep the CDs, upgrade the technology
If you want the ability to still listen to any regular CD, but also want to get rid of carrying a dozen different CDs with you, the portable cd mp3 player is a good option for you.

Water Proof MP3 Player-Listening to music everwhere
Allowing you to carry your mp3 music into where no other mp3 players can survive, the Water Proof MP3 Player. Even if you have an accident your waterproof music player will be protected at all times.

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