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SanDisk MP3 Player-Flash memory for your music storage

SanDisk MP3 Player may not be exactly what you were looking for. Sandisk is better known for other types of products, namely: memory products. But, if you have a proven history in flash memory, how long will it take until you add two and two together and find out the result? That's how Sandisk mp3 player was born.

After all, mp3 players are half players / half memory storage devices, and Sandisk is one of the best known flash memory storage brands. So, you can rely on their expertise in that area when they decided to build their Sandisk mp3 player.

But how do they manage on the other half the mp3 playing part? Well, rest assured, they wouldn't risk using their name in a bad product. Although they don't offer anything that stands out from the competition, they do well in offering just about everything you could want in a mp3 player.

Providing you with full Audio recording, built in mic, FM tuner, backlit LCD display, and 15 hour continuous operation from a single AAA battery. You can rest assured; you won't regret choosing a Sandisk mp3 player to be your next mp3 gadget.

Hard Drive MP3 Players-When you are serious about music storage
Hard Drive MP3 Players will happily carry 20Gb, 40Gb and even more Gigabytes worth of music. Having a central area where you store all your music is a great way to create your complete library of your favorite music.

Pocket PC MP3 Player-Turning your pocket PC into an mp3 player
If you think your pocket pc is too silent, just load it up with a pocket pc mp3 player and let the music begin.

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