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Portable Cd MP3 Player-Keep the CDs, upgrade the technology

The Portable Cd MP3 Player is a nice mix of old and new technology. If you want the ability to still listen to any regular CD, but also want to get rid of carrying a dozen different CDs with you, the portable cd mp3 player is a good option for you.

A portable cd mp3 player works just like regular Discman, you put in a CD and press play. So what makes the difference? The difference is that, besides playing normal audio CDs, the cd mp3 player also plays a CD filled with mp3 audio files.

With a CD carrying around 700Mb worth of data, it gives you around 140 mp3 songs for every single CD! (a little bit more than a regular audio CD, don't you think?)

If you do not want to worry about flash memory, free memory space and sorts, the portable cd mp3 player is a good option. Just burn those mp3 CDs with your favorite tracks and albums and keep them playing.

Sport MP3 Player-MP3s on the run wherever
Sport MP3 players allow you to take your music wherever you go. Active people that like to keep moving or love their music while they exercise for motivation and entertainment will enjoy the sport MP3 player.

MP3 Music Download-Your favorite music when you want
MP3 Music Download is now a reality. You can now, within minutes, have full access to every mp3 music album out there. Creating your own music library could not be any easier than with today's affordable downloading music sites.

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