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Pocket PC MP3 Player-Turning your pocket PC into an mp3 player

A Pocket PC MP3 Player turns your pocket pc into a full-fledged mp3 player. If you think your pocket pc is too silent, just load it up with a pocket pc mp3 player and let the music begin.

Pocket PCs are more and more usual each day. They are handy little devices that help you keep things organized: contacts, tasks, appointments you name it. However why not use it for more than that? In fact, why not use it as an mp3 player? CPU power is not a problem, as those small devices have more processing power than a desktop computer had a few years back.

Memory is also not a problem, as you can get a 1Gb flash memory card to carry all your mp3 songs for a reasonable price. Add the right software and you'll have your own pocket pc mp3 player.

By making use of your existing Pocket PC, you won't have to spend a cent (unless you choose to buy an extra memory card to carry all your mp3 music), and will truly appreciate all the possibilities your pocket pc allows you to accomplish.

The next time you are taking some notes on it, maybe it won't be as silent as it was before now that you're listening to your pocket pc mp3 player.

MP3 Player Reviews-What people say about your MP3 player
MP3 Player Reviews are a good way for you to get a general idea of the mp3 players out there. Either on specialized mp3 internet sites or magazines, you can read mp3 player reviews that can help you with all the information you need.

MP3 Player Batteries-The proper batteries for your MP3 player
MP3 Player Batteries keep your player playing those tiny batteries keep the mp3 music playing for hours on end. Rechargeable batteries are a great option for saving money on replacing batteries.

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