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Phones with MP3 Players-Combining your phone with your music

Phones with MP3 Players are becoming more and more common every day. Would you think mp3 on phones would be restricted to just a few mp3 ring tones? Of course not. People expect technology to steadily add new features to their devices having phones with mp3 players was just the next logical step.

Having phones with mp3 players made phone makers aware of a up till then inexistent issue: memory capacity! If a few megabytes were more than enough to store thousands of contact records and sms, having mp3 songs in there is a completely different matter.

 When it comes to mp3, there is no such thing as too much space. That is why you now have phones with up to 90Mb internal memory, and most offer expansion slots where you can add more memory via small memory cards.

Using your phone to listen to mp3 songs is not only convenient, it is plain logical: you carry your cell phone around most of the time, the same for your mp3 player why not have both in a single package? It will not take long till all cell phones will become phones with mp3 players it is so useful that it’s just a matter of time.

Motorola MP3 Ringtone-Making your cell phone play it your way
Searching for a Motorola MP3 Ringtone for your cell phone? Tired of hearing those polyphonic ring tones? Motorola mp3 ring tone will make your cell phone rock.

MP3 Ringtone Software-Turning your favorite song into your calling hit
MP3 Ringtone Software is the craze of the moment. Who wants to have a cell phone with a ringing tone similar to what everybody else has, create your own make it unique and stand out in the crowd.

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