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Philips MP3 Players-The CD inventor just reinvented itself

Philips MP3 Players that is a mouthful. Philips invented the CDs (together with Sony) many years ago; and has a lot of history when it comes to audio equipment. What can you expect when you see they now have Philips mp3 players in a store near you?

Quite frankly, their mp3 players just work. While Philips does innovate in some other areas, creating revolutionary designs and interfaces, when it comes to mp3 players, they just follow what's already out there. Philips mp3 players should stand out more.

On the other hand, it is not that they feel cheap or like toys. They do seem solid enough and have a nice looking quality feel to it and their audio quality is among the best of its pears; you could expect nothing less coming from Philips.

It is a pity that you're left with that strange lackluster feeling of: instead of feeling proud of having a Philips mp3 player, you end up feeling you are just one more in the mp3 player crowd. Hope their next models will take care of that, so their mp3 players start to stand out of the crowd.

MP3 Music Download-Your favorite music when you want
MP3 Music Download is now a reality. You can now, within minutes, have full access to every mp3 music album out there. Creating your own music library could not be any easier than with today's affordable downloading music sites.

mp3 accessories,mp3 player batteries,mp3 player adaptor
Mp3 accessories can open a whole new world for your mp3 player.

MP3 Player Case-Protection for your MP3 music player
The mp3 player case is one of the most important mp3 accessories. Once you have your brand new player, the last thing you want is to scratch it or dent it.

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