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Nomad 40 Gb Hdd Jukebox MP3 Player-Music in your pocket

Nomad 40 Gb Hdd Jukebox MP3 Player brings Creative a little closer to perfection. Who could imagine, a few years back, that you'd be able to carry thousands of songs in your pocket? With a Nomad 40Gb HDD jukebox mp3 player, you might never look to your audio CDs again.

With a huge 40Gb storage space, the Nomad 40gb hdd jukebox mp3 player is quite capable of managing all your entire audio collection and stillĀ  leave some free space for future acquisitions. This is a true mp3 jukebox you cannot live without.

And to think that all this is accomplished in a size just slightly larger than the standard flash mp3 players, it seems almost too good to be true. But it is true; you can take your nomad 40gb hdd jukebox mp3 player with you as easily as you would any other mp3 player.

The only difference being, by the time the other mp3 player starts repeating its songs, you will still have a few thousand more to listen to. Never running out of music no matter how much you listen to your favorite music library is something that a lot of people just cannot say.

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