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MP3 Portable Players-Endless amounts of music in your pocket

MP3 Portable Players are all around us. No matter where you look, you will see them all around. There is no doubt about it: mp3 portable players are here to stay.

You will find them in every shape and sizes, in every color you can imagine. From cheap unknown brands, up to special edition IPOD models. No matter where you hide, you will not be able to escape from these mp3 portable players.

You can choose one with 128Mb memory, allowing for just one hour of music, or go overboard with 20Gb models, allowing you with carry your entire music collection with you. All this while still fitting into your pocket and running for hours without recharging.

Some may even pose as USB storage space so you can use it for other purposes besides carrying music, and others may even download pictures from your camera freeing you from buying extra memory storage cards. They may be only mp3 portable players, but you may find out you'll use it for more than just listening.

MP3 Ringtones-Make your cell phone sing a song
MP3 Ringtones have arrived to your cellular phone. It is not uncommon to hear the latest pop hits as people answer their calls.

Sport MP3 Player-MP3s on the run wherever
Sport MP3 players allow you to take your music wherever you go. Active people that like to keep moving or love their music while they exercise for motivation and entertainment will enjoy the sport MP3 player.

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