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MP3 Music-Compressed music files for thousands of songs

Mp3 music is one of the most efficient ways to store and playback audio data. Whether commonly digitized music takes up lots of space (just take a look at an audio CD, with 700Mb just taking 80 minutes of audio), mp3 music uses a process called lossy compression to discard little bits of information, and greatly reduce the amount of storage needed.

So, how does this process work? Just as you cannot hear a whisper when someone is shouting in your ears, mp3 selectively removes parts of the music that you wouldn't hear anyway. That inaudible information takes a lot of space just the same.

The resulting mp3 music file will be a lot smaller and if done correctly will sound just the same as the original. Compressed music files provide you with thousands of songs and allow you to take your music anywhere you want

Of course, if you increase compression to get an even smaller file, you will probably start to notice the mp3 audio quality getting worse. But even so, if you consider audio quality/ file size ratio, mp3 music is unbeatable Thats the reason why you see so many mp3 players around you.

Car MP3 Player-Endless music for road trips
Car mp3 players are not as uncommon as you may think. And if you think about it: where are you more likely to spend hours listening to music? In your car.

CD MP3 Player-Compressing CD music files on disk
CD mp3 players have breathed a whole new life into CDs with a CD mp3 player, you have an unlimited supply of 700Mb CD filled with mp3s.

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