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How do mp3 players work-Endless hours of music in your pocket

How do mp3 players work? Tiny devices carrying your entire music collection. Your entire stack of CDs filling up your desk, replaced by that tiny little device? 

Everyone knows how to press a play/stop button, but does everyone know how do mp3 players work? How can all those hours of music fit into such a small device?MP3 players use a special music compression format  known as mp3 allowing the size of music files to be reduced significantly without compromising quality.

 It works by discarding frequencies that will not be heard (or hardly heard). Of course, if you push to really high compression levels, you will start to notice the quality getting worse. But even if you choose a very good quality setting, mp3 music will occupy much less space than the original, allowing you to carry endless hours of music in such small portable devices.

 That is the answer to how do mp3 players work. And how it will provide you endless hours of your favorite music with uninterrupted commercials or nonstop playing unless of course you run out of battery power.

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