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Hard Drive MP3 Players-When you are serious about music storage

Hard Drive MP3 Players are in a league of their own. While you might struggle to fill all the music you want in your 256Mb flash mp3 player, hard drive mp3 players will happily carry 20Gb, 40Gb and even more Gigabytes worth of music.

Hard drive mp3 players, although slightly larger than their slimmer flash counterparts, are the ideal choice for those wanting to keep their entire mp3 music collection always at hand.

 To give you a rough idea, an 80Gb model is capable of carrying over 16,000 high quality mp3 songs! How's that for diversity? You might even have a hard time finding so many free mp3 songs on the internet.

While still being compact and portable models, hard drive mp3 players will never be as small as flash mp3 players but they do allow for much higher music capacity than currently available flash models. Whichever you choose, it's reassuring to know there's an mp3 player specially tailored to your needs.

Convert Wma to MP3-Transfer your music files properly
Convert Wma to MP3 and you will ensure a smooth ride for all your music files in every mp3 player. Transferring your music and keeping the right file format is very important for the quality of your music.

MP3 Software-The ins and outs of audio compressing
MP3 Software is here to stay. Whether you are compressing your old CD albums to hear them on your portable mp3 player or just trying to file your music and stored on your computer so that you can download it and share it anyway you want.

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