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CD MP3 Player-Compressing CD music files on disk

 CD mp3 players have breathed a whole new life into CDs. Although you are more likely think of mp3 players as those tiny usb flash based mp3 players, CD mp3 players have found their place.

Usually, flash based mp3 players come in 256Mb or 512Mb sizes. Bigger sizes are available but are still expensive. And even if you go to a 1 GB version, once you fill it up, you're stuck with what you have there until you get to a PC to change the mp3 files. That's where CD mp3 players come in.

With a CD mp3 player, you have an unlimited supply of 700Mb CD filled with mp3s. If you go on vacations and take 10 CDs with you, you will have access to 7000Mb of mp3s! And it will cost you far less than buying an equivalent capacity hard disk based mp3 player.

 Better yet, if you also have a car mp3 player, you can use the same CDs for both your portable CD mp3 player and your car mp3 player. It might not be the smallest player, but it might serve you better in the end.

Free MP3 Software-Solving your software problems for free
Free MP3 Software is now available for any mp3 task you may need. Whether you want to convert your entire CD collection, a mp3 player with special effects, or a way to keep track of all your mp3 files.

MP3 for Free-Busting the mp3s are expensive myth
MP3 for Free. Mt seems too good to be true, right? Millions of mp3s are sold on the internet each day, why should you get mp3 for free?

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