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We love our Mp3s and do not go anywhere without them! They are a life saver on our commute to and from work on the city transit, with some of our favorite CDs downloaded on them, or maybe an audio recording of a favorite book, or just the radio the time just flies by. But one day we started wondering what these little devices were all about. So there we were researching and asking questions from any source we could find, and hundreds of sources did we find.

It was getting crazy all the information that we were collecting and learning about these tiny devices that were now becoming more than a simple music player. And as our curiosity grew, so did the piles of papers of info on our desks. Family and friends started asking our opinion on them, and this lead to us creating a website dedicated only to everything about mp3s. We wanted to share with anyone who had a question and wanted to know more about them.

So we hope that you find our site useful and informative. And though we have tried to cover as many topics within the world of mp3s that would be of benefit to our visitors, we are sure that there are hundred other questions that we have not answered yet. We are continually researching and building the site by adding more quality information to help you in your quest to understand all the components of mp3s, their options and accessories, and their capabilities.

If there is a question that you would like to have answered, please email us. Please note that we will not give your email out to any other parties and will only use it to send you the information you requested.

Also please note that there are advertisements on this site which we do make money from. But please be assured that the advertising on this site will never under any circumstances impact the presented information. We at Everything-About-MP3s.com are not associated or committed to any one company, and therefore have the freedom to provide an honest opinion on everyone’s products and services.

Again, please email us if you have any specific questions about our site, or if you have any comments that would make this site more informative and valuable for our visitors.

Thanks from all of us at Everything About MP3s

Send your questions / comments to: info(at)everything-about-mp3s.com

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