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What is the difference between Ipod and mp3 players?

Mp3 music evolution! Are you confused and want to know what the difference between ipod is and mp3 players is? Basically the two of them store their music in the compressed mp3 format. But it is the way that the two of them actually store it is what the difference is between the two music players.

Comparing the Ipod and mp3 players

Brand name mp3 players other than apple ipods are known as a flash mp3 player they store their music on chips which means they have no moving parts and is great for people who are active because they will not skip if they are hit or jarred by accident. The apple ipods storage system is called a hard drive mp3 because in this device the storage works like a regular pc, which means it, has moving parts.

The information is stored on spinning discs. With this system you can store more music on it but the down side is that if hit or bumped it can skip or worse it will crash and you will lose all your data.

Finding your apple Ipod or mp3 player

Both of these portable mp3 players have their pros and cons it is up to you to decide which one suits your music needs. There is an abundance of apple ipod and mp3 player reviews online that can help you in your quest for the perfect little jukebox player.

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